Stedman Machine cage mills

Stedman’s line of multi-cage crushers and pulverizers include the H, F and Y series. In general, the larger the cage crusher, the larger the feed size it will accept and the capacity it will produce. The capacity also depends on the speed at which the mill is operating, the size of the feed and its specific gravity, and the size of the product desired. Cage crushers work by reducing the material they are fed into to smaller predetermined sizes by repeatedly hitting with cage pins and throwing the particles at high speed against each other, against the crusher housing and against the other pins

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What does a cage crusher do?

Cage mills are mechanical impact machines that crush, grind or pulverize a variety of materials to specified degrees of fineness. They can be configured in two, four and six row designs depending on specific application needs and are commonly used to pulverize industrial materials including coal and agricultural limestone.

Features and Benefits of Cage Crushers:

  • Reduction ratio up to 40: 1
  • 2 to 7 HP per ton
  • Tertiary crusher – for fine materials
  • Grid bars and screens for precise product sizing easily replaceable
  • Wet and sticky material is NOT a problem