Telsmith Titan™ Series Cone Crushers

Telsmith TitanTM Cone Crushers are engineered to deliver un-compromising productivity, safety and ease of maintenance for maximum uptime in tough, abrasive aggregate and mining applications.

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  •  Currently available in 4 sizes (T200™, T300™, T400™
    & T500™)
  • Output capacities ranging from 100 to 760 metric
    tons per hour (depending on desired final output size)
  • Up to a 14-inch (355mm) feed size, rated largestin-class clearing stroke
  • 200hp (147kw) to 500hp (370kw) performance,
    highest-in-class crushing force

TitanTM Cone Crushers have large clearing circuits, and are designed to safely and quickly allow uncrushable materials to pass, avoiding costly damage and associated downtime for repairs.

A patented anti-spin feature prevents head spin to help extend manganese service life. Like other key components, it’s mounted on top of the machine for safe, top-service access. TitanTM Cone Crushers anti-spin operates with pressure lubrication oil, eliminating the need for a gear box, separate hydraulic circuit and associated maintenance.

The use of a single bowl for all liners over its range of operation helps reduce downtime and inventory costs while allowing optimum versatility, flexibility, and efficiency in any aggregate application.


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