Mobile Reclaim Hopper

Designed by Astec Bulk Handling Solutions (formerly Telestack).

The mobile ‘reclaim’ hopper range allows the operator to directly reclaim via wheels loaders onto overland conveyors/stacker-reclaimer systems. This allows for passive pile transfer, interyard transfer, feeding of intake systems or feeding of rail/ shiploading either in conjunction with stacker/reclaimers or stand-alone systems. The mobile ‘reclaim’ hoppers can also be used to blend material onto the belt at pre-set weights.

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  • Loading rates up to 2,500TPH
  • Ability to blend material within the stockyard
  • Range of designs and hopper capacities depending on feeding equipment and production rates on site.
  • Complete on-site mobility including tracks (rubber tracks), wheels and rail mounted to suit all ground conditions.
  • Hydraulic folding head section allowing for compact road transportation.
  • Can be packed into 40ft containers for easy, cost effective transport around the globe.
  • Unrivalled mobility and flexibility when in operation.
  • High specification machine designed for ease of maintenance commanding an excellent resale value at project conclusion.
  • Heavy duty design and manufacture.


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