Radial Telescopic Shiploader

Designed by Astec Bulk Handling Solutions (formerly Telestack).

The Radial Telescopic Shiploader offers unrivalled mobility and flexibility when loading a vessel.

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  • Radial and Telescopic features offer unrivaled trimming capabilities for most sized vessels.
  • Mobility means Flexibility – Complete on-site mobility including driven wheels, tracks, rails and a combination to suit complete range of Jetty/quayside designs.
  • Complete Dust Extraction / Suppression options for handling complete of materials,
  • Fully sealed feed-in / transfer and discharge points to eliminate spillage on site.
  • Loading rates up to 3,000TPH.
  • Fully extended length’s up to 58 metres (190ft).
  • Typically lower capital investment than fixed Shiploading systems.
  • Lead Times can range from 10 – 30 weeks.
  • Reduced civil requirements on site.
  • Land / Sea Based Systems are available.
  • Eliminate double handling of material in Port /Inland Terminal


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